Extinct Animals

Extinct AnimalsExtinct animals are those animals, which doesn’t exist or haven’t come in sight since hundreds of years. From long years there are some animals that have gone from being fully healthy and in large quantities to eventually extinct. A large number of these animals existed well before humans got into existence. So it is being considered that the cause behind extinction of a large part of the more recently extinct animals is human intervention. Humans are continuously growing in size and spreading all over, into areas such as the dense rain forests and evergreen forests; which are the habitat of lots of species. By human activities, these species are being driven to extinction each day and also the list of endangered animals is getting longer each day.

If lists are made, of the extinct animals, then the names like Tasmanian tiger or Thylacine, English wolf, Quagga, Caspian tiger, Steller’s sea cow, spectacled cormorant, and Dodo will be heading the lists. In the most recent cases of extinction; Caribbean monk seal, golden toad, passenger peon, Pyrenean Ibex, Bubal hartebeest, Javan tiger, Tecopa pupfish, and Baiji river dolphin are the most identified ones.
Extinct Animals Extinct Animals Extinct Animals
From the past few centuries, the rate of extinction of animals is rapidly increasing, and scientists and general people are very much aware of the situation. They admit that humans are guilty for some extinct animals because they destroyed their habitat and their source of food. Because of many reasons, today also there are lots of species which are on the verge of extinction; and are kept in sanctuaries and artificial forests. It is important for the nature and humans themselves to educate everyone about what they can do to prevent more animal species from going to extinction; as each species on earth has its own job to keep the earth balanced.

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